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CADD PCA 5800 Infusion Pump, Recertified

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CADD PCA 5800 Infusion Pump, Recertified

Price: $575.00

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U/M: Each

Item Number: 5800 R 




The CADD-PCA® 5800 Infusion System provides measured drug therapy to patients in hospital or outpatient settings. Differs from the earlier (discontinued) CADD-PCA®5200 in Clinician-activated bolus capability, Attempted Doses informational screen and automatic delivery resumption after HI-P alarm when occlusion pressure is relieved (5200 required a restart after pressure alarm). The 5800R includes a remote bolus button which attaches to the side of the housing. Both are used for PCA infusion (Patient-Controlled Analgesia), which allows the patient to self-bolus as needed in addition to providing a continuous basal infusion of pain medication. 


   - (1) 9V Battery
   - PCA Bolus Cord
   - User's Manual
   - Letter of Re-Certification
   - 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor 


  • Recommended Uses: Pain Management, any continuous infusion
  • Delivery Modes: Continuous Delivery, Patient or Clinician-activated Bolus;
  • Programmable concentration (0-95 mg/mL)
  • Rate Parameters: 0-20 mL/hr, or 0-99.5 mg/hr
  • Patient Bolus: 0-6 mL or 0-99 mg
  • Clinician Bolus: 0-20 mL or 99.5 mg
  • Accuracy: ± 6 %
  • Hi-Pressure Alarm: 16 - 40 PSI