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Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump, Recertified

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Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump, Recertified

Price: $495.00

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Item Number: SAB3030 R 







The Sabratek 3030 Infusion Pump provides accurate, safe, & reliable volumetric delivery and can be used in both arterial and venous applications. The Sabratek 3030 is the only pump currently on the market that can be configured on-site by a clinician with the touch of a button to use use standard, soft, straight-line IV administration sets that are manufactured by either Abbott, Baxter, McGaw, or Sabratek.

Includes: AC Power Cord, Drop Sensor (*not used w/sabraset config), Pole Mount Assy (mounted to device), Letter of Re-Certification, Operator's Guide, 12-Month Warranty on Parts & Labor


  • Continuous Profile: A continuous delivery of a single flow rate.
  • Auto-Ramp Profile: Automatic, linear tapering capabilities
  • Intermittent Profile: Delivery of a present # of doses at regular intervals
  • 15 Periods Profile: Sequential delivery of up to 15 different rates & volumes


  • Dimensions: 5.5"W x 6.25"D x 8"H
  • Accepts: standard Abbott, Baxter, McGaw and Sabratek tubing sets
  • Flow rate: 1-999 mL/HR
  • Power: 110 AC
  • Battery: 12V Rechargable
  • Battery run time: 6 hrs at 125 mL/HR
  • Alarms: Air in Line, Door Open, High Rate, Down Occlusion, Up Occlusion, Hold, Empty Bag, Low Battery, Empty Battery, Infusion Complete and Pump Malfunctions