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CADD Prizm PCS II Ambulatory Infusion Pump Model 6101 (Yellow / Purple Keypad), Recertified

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CADD Prizm PCS II Ambulatory Infusion Pump Model 6101 (Yellow / Purple Keypad), Recertified

Price: $1,495.00

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Item Number: 21-8861 R

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CADD-Prizm® PCS II Ambulatory Infusion Pumps (Yellow / Purple Keypad) have 4 delivery modes: PCA, Continuous, TPN, and Intermittent. There are 3 lock levels to limit patient access, securing the pump for use in the home. *The pump can be powered by a 9 volt battery, CADD External Power Source, or an AC Adapter.

   • Flexible programming parameters to accommodate your acute pain protocols and patient management decisions
   • Medication delivery reports can be configured to meet your documentation needs
   • Intuitive keypad and helpful prompts move you quickly to the pump, programming and delivery information you need
   • CADD™ key or security code quickly unlock program

   • Maximum programming and delivery limits help protect against programming errors
   • Scroll keypad prevents entering values outside of defined maximum program limits
   • Autolock automatically locks the program when infusion starts
   • Large display screen clearly shows programming limit ranges, confirmation prompts and warnings
   • Electronic pump programming from a library of customized protocols to ensure accuracy and save time
   • Use of pump across multiple patient areas increases clinician familiarity:
           – Ambulatory or pole-mounted pump
           – Post-operative or labor and delivery patients
           – Epidural or IV infusion delivery

   • Confirmation of critical programming changes
   • Easy lock/unlock program security process
   • Configurable pump parameters
   • Titration/programming change limits
   • Electronic protocol programming using CADD-Sentry™ Medication Delivery Manager
   • Dedicated keys and intuitive programming
   • Fast power-up
   • Ability to set maximum infusion limits

   • Safe, accurate pain medication delivery
   • Upstream occlusion detection
   • Set-based free-flow protection
   • Single or insistent alarms
   • Color-coded pumps, tubing, medication cassette reservoirs and lockboxes differentiate epidural and IV PCA delivery
   • Narcotic security provided by Medication Cassette Reservoirs or lockboxes