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GE MAC 5500 HD EKG, Recertified

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GE MAC 5500 HD EKG, Recertified

Price: $7,800.00

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Item Number: GEMAC5500 R

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The GE / Marquette MAC® 5500 HD incorporates new tools for ECG acquisition, enabling confident clinical decisions with a three-step solution that delivers on speed and accuracy.

During a patient’s cardiac event, physicians have moments to make a diagnosis. Modern pacemakers are difficult to detect in standard ECGs, and inferring their presence takes time many clinicians simply don’t have in an emergency situation. Missed or inaccurate pacemaker detection can lead to incorrect diagnosis, wasted treatment time and costs, and increased risk for patients.

The MAC® 5500 HD combines proven 12SL* analysis with technology advancements to provide one of the most advanced ECG pacemaker detection systems available.


 - CAM Module w/Leadwires

 - MAC PAC Battery

 - AC Power Cord

 - Operator's Guide

 - Letter of Re-Certification

 - 12-Month Full Warranty on Parts & Labor 


  • Detect pacemaker pulses more accurately1 via a high sample rate, reducing the risk of treatment contraindicated for paced patients.
  • Advanced interpretation of paced rhythms via the Marquette* 12SL program. The program can detect and report the underlying rhythm, increasing the breadth of decision support capabilities.
  • Clear visualization and annotation of pacer pulses through MUSE* v8 Cardiology Information System, which provides a dedicated pace-annotation channel. This helps to reduce the need to identify pacer pulses within the ECG signal, supporting efficient diagnosis.