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R&D / Life Sciences


Cutting-Edge R&D Services

A vibrant and innovative Research & Development (R&D) group is the backbone of all industries. No matter what your clinical application, SEP’s turn-key products, services and customer support team will supply the tools needed to reduce costs, streamline services and fuel your study to the finish line. Securing equipment for your next study has never been easier. Call your sales representative or our customer service department HERE for more information. 

A Leader In Our Industry

Since the launch of our R&D / Life Sciences division, Signature Emergency Products (SEP) has positioned themselves as a leader in supplying capital medical equipment for clinical studies in over 140 countries around the world. Our overtly flexible leasing options, comprehensive product offerings and world-class customer service have been a staple in the companies success.


Proven Products, Affordable Prices

Working with the largest pharmacuetical companies in the world certainly has its challenges. Being faced with these challenges day-in, day-out has given SEP unparalleled experience and the logistical know-how to drive your study through the finish line. SEP has designed flexible and affordable leasing options to streamline the flow of capital medical equipment into the R&D / Life Sciences sector. 

Quality Assurance, Quality Results

Behind all quality results lies Quality Assurance. At SEP we understand the sensitive nature of time constraints associated with clinical studies and how cost can be affected greatly by not meeting your studies protocol. With a field success rate higher than 99%, we deliver what you need, when you need it, the first time. That’s our guarantee to you.

Dedicated & Dependable

SEP’s core values were designed with the customer in mind. To ensure that our organization remains a leader in this industry, we dedicate ourselves to the highest level of ethical behavior, innovative & dependable products, and unrivaled service offerings. For more information on our companies Core Values click HERE.